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About Us


Portrait of Charles Mask Lewis Jr. with tattoos, top hat and If You'll Simply Believe.. TapouT HQ.

Established in 2005.

This passion we had for art has always been there, we did things for friends and family on the weekends etc. Little by little our clientele grew and CAT-Studios was finally formed in 2005! Being self taught, we'd done graphic design & print since day one but, at that time, murals and airbrushing were our main services. We still offer airbrushing and murals, but through the years the demand for graphic logo designing/printing has grown & so has become a larger part of our business. We're definitely ok with this, because we just want to do what we love. We love being able to use our creativity & love for art in each project we do, delivering new unique designs that set our clients apart from others! We truly believe what we say, Blending in is NOT an option! Whatever our clients need, we deliver! You have a budget? We find the most cost effective way to make it happen! Whatever it is, we do our absolute best to ensure you're happy! Give us a try, you won't be disappointed!Give customers a reason to do business with you.



At CAT-Studios  we genuinely feel that actions speak louder than words. CAT-Studios is Your Studio. Where you can go and rest assure that the end result, encompasses your vision. Understanding who you are is our focus, only then can we really provide the service you deserve.



Our passion for creating, enables us to take your vision & create the so called unimaginable! We are constantly on the move envisioning, creating, looking for new & innovative ways to take your vision to the next level. We understand that no matter what marketing tool you decide use, Blending In Is NOT An Option! Creating a brand with a statement, stands out & has the WOW Factor is our goal!